31 March 2010

Rabbit Girl


  1. The stripes of her shirt are slightly reminiscent of a zebra, which goes well with the whole animal morphing theme.

    I really, really like the detail and tones of her face. the bunny paws are good too.

  2. Thank you Caitlin. I actually have considered doing a person that morphs into a zebra's body! Now that you've reminded me I may do something like that soon. I was imagining coloured stripes transforming into the black zebra stripes.

    I like how stripes help to create movement and the contours are interesting to play with. I have a slight obsession with stripes at the moment!

    Thanks for your comment :)

  3. Your bunny girl is fantastic!! I love the pink!

  4. your work is stunning! i'm blogging you tomorrow!!! can't wait :)

  5. Thank you Holly and Colie :) You're too kind!

  6. Hi!!
    Is she Freja Beha? I love her so much!And love your works:)

  7. Hi Gladdis, yes, its freja. I came across a series of images of her a while ago and have used them as a basis for some of my drawings. I change bits as I go along though because I try to avoid doing portraits of people who are recognisable. I like to keep that secret usually but you've figured it out! :) I don't really know anything about her and I really don't see them as drawings 'of' her, I'm not a fan or anything, but I'm interested in her look. Thank you for your comment, glad you like my work! :)

  8. I understand what you like to do, it's good to have your own style, I also like drawing illustrations like yours sometimes, it is fun!
    by the way, Freja is so cool, keep on taking her as references, enjoy your drawing time:)

  9. Hi,
    i found your blog some time ago... and i really like your works:)
    Maybe because i just love rabbits...
    Maybe because your style have something transient...
    When i found information that you are live at the Dublin it was a nice suprise.
    That's my favourite place on earth! I just to live there for almost 3years.
    Now, im at the Poland but when i only can im coming back there.
    My conclusion;)
    Im looking for a person who can make me a tattoo project with white rabbit.
    If you will be interesting, please let me know.
    And if you want to, you can check my photoblog - www.softcity.xwp.pl
    Thanks a lot for the answer,

  10. Hi Karolina,

    Thank you so much :) I actually tried this address: www.softcity.xwp.pl but couldn't access your site for some reason. The tattoo idea sounds interesting! I'd like to chat more about what you had in mind. You can email me directly denisenestor@yahoo.co.uk.

    Thanks again,

  11. I love this artwork

    I actually got a tattoo of it yesterday on my forearm, your one of my favorite artist:)

  12. Thank you kendall! Pretty sure thats the first time someone's gotten a tattoo of my work! I'm very flattered! :) I'd love to see a photo of the tattoo if you have one.