20 June 2013

The Miniature Museum of Contemporary Art, Amsterdam

This is a piece I just completed for 'The Miniature Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art' in Amsterdam which will be officially reopening soon after a redesign. The museum is part of the Reflex Gallery located opposite the Rijksmuseum. It's the smallest museum in the world with each commissioned piece no larger than 10cm x 10cm. This drawing is 7cm in diameter.

There are already roughly 2,000 miniatures by 800 artists in the museum. I'm so thrilled to think that my work will be shown alongside artists such as Damien Hirst, Annie Liebovitz, Yoko Ono, Christo, Roy Lichtenstein and Louise Bourgeois, to name a few, who have all created miniature pieces specifically for the museum. I'm very aware that that will be the only chance I will ever have to say something like that :)

1 comment:

  1. I love the tiny detail and preciousness of the work. Incredible and masterful work.